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Litter "K"
On Friday, September the 3rd, there were 8 beautiful blue-roan puppies -
2 girls and 6 boys born in our kennel,
from the mating between:
100_4010IZ cacib_galaIZ
prcdPRA-Carrier, FN-Normal, HD-B
prcdPRA & FN - Normal, HD-A,
Catarakta- free

Genealogy - litter "K"


Puppies - 7 week

Obraz_003IZ Obraz_022IZ
KARRAMBA Izomer - Bambi
in a new home - Limanowa
Obraz_035IZ Obraz_068IZ
KAMA-SUTRA Izomer - Kama
in a new home - Kraków
Obraz_078IZ Obraz_108IZ
KOSMA-TEUS Izomer - Kosma
remained at home


Obraz_126IZ Obraz_161IZ
KLIK KLAK Izomer - Fado

in a new home - Częstochowa

Obraz_183IZ Obraz_204IZ
KING SIZE Izomer - Mucho
in a new home - Kraków


Obraz_240IZ Obraz_254IZ
KOH-I-NOOR Izomer - Kohi
in a new home - Kraków
Obraz_264IZ Obraz_285IZ
KON TIKI Izomer - Konti
in a new home - Warszawa
Obraz_299IZ Obraz_318IZ
KOGEL MOGEL Izomer - Buziak
in a new home - Kraków