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YEAR 2009

Polish Champion  HIP HOP Izomer



W Bratysławie odbyły się 2 wystawy bardzo wysokiej rangi.
W obu uczestniczyły i pięknie się zaprezentowały HIP HOP i GALAKTYKA.
There were two very important shows held in Bratislava recently.
HIP HOP and GALAKTYKA did great in both of them.
October the 10th 2009, the World Cocker Spaniel Show.
HIP HOP got the IV place in  intermediate class in a group of 9 dogs.
(judge Sandy Platt - Charbonell kennel)
GALAKTYKA got the 1st place and CAC in the working class in a group of 4 dogs.
( judge Lesley Spencer- Terriles kennel )
October 11th 2009 World Dog Show
HIP HOP got the 3rd place in open class in a group of 12 dogs
(judge Shamil Abrakimov - Rus)
GALAKTYKA got the 1st place and CAC in working class in  group of 3 dogs.
(judge Tamas Jakkel - Black Mirage kennel )
That way GALAKTYKA gained the title of Champion of Slovakia.



On the 4th of October, during the Show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki
HIP HOP Izomer got another one of his CWC and BOB.
Mrs Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL) was the judge there.



On September the 27th during the International Dog Show in Wroclaw,
HOOLA HOP Izomer got her first important success.
She ran herself a CWC and CACIB!!!
Mr Christen Lang from Norway was the judge there.
Keep it that way Malgosia :)

On Sunday, September the 13th, during the Spaniel and Water Dogs' Club Show in Warsaw
HIP HOP and GALAKTYKA did really beautifully.



HIP HOP won the open class, getting another CWC.
He has fulfilled all the conditions for the title of Champion of Poland.
Mr Kazimierz Sciesinski was the judge (PL).



GALAKTYKA did better than any other female, becoming the Club Winner 2009.
Mr Zdenek Antonowicz was the judge (CR - Kennel "z Male Kamenne").



HIP HOP  i GALAKTYKA have once again won
the Best Breeding Couple of the Club Show Warsaw 2009.
Mr Zdenek Antonowicz was the judge (CR - Kennel "z Male Kamenne").



HOOLA HOP has had a good show time recently.
On the 8th of August she won a CWC during the National Dog Show in Zakopane.
Mrs Zofia Konderla was the judge then (PL- Ricci Club Kennel).
On the 16th of August in the Janina Hejn Cup she won CWC and BOB.
Mrs Aurelia Tunkullene did the judging (Lithuania- "Tema" kennel).
Bravo Malgosia!



19.07.2009 National Dog Show in Nowy Sacz
Congratulations Malgosia!



11.07.2009 International Dog Show in Warsaw
Monique Van Brempt (B) was the judge.
Congratulations Basia!



HIP HOP has been X-rayed for hip dysplasia, with the result being HD-A and got his stud dog certificate.
Girls are welcomed :) - only pedigree females with breeding certificates.



On the last June weekend four of our little Izomers were showed at the International Dog Show in Cracow.
Yochai Barak from Izrael was the judge.
Here are the results:
GALAKTYKA Izomer        II excellent res. CACIB
GRAFFIT Izomer       II excellent
HIP HOP Izomer       II excellen
HOOLA HOP Izomer        II excellent

There were two, very prestigious spaniel shows held in Trebon (Czech Republic) on the last weekend of May.
Famous spaniel breeders and judges assessed 364 spaniels.
The biggest group were the English Cocker Spaniels, with 177 dogs altogether.
HIP HOP Izomer and GALAKTYKA Izomer showed off on both days.
Here are their achievements:



30.05.2009 European Spaniel Show
HIP HOP Izomer excellent IV, judge Angela Hackett (GB)
GALAKTYKA Izomer excellent  I, CAC  judge Penny Lester (GB)
GALAKTYKA fulfilled the codnitions for the title of the Czech Champion



31.05.2009  Spaniel and Water Dog's Club Show
HIP HOP Izomer excellent I, CAC  judge Penny Lester (GB)
GALAKTYKA Izomer excellent II, judge Angela Hackett (GB)



HIP HOP i GALAKTYKA competed also in the Best Breeding Couple and were judged the Best English Cocker Spaniel Couple and IIIrd Best Breeding Couple of the Club Show
This competition was judged by Bob Jackson (GB)



Polish team in Trebon.

On the 16th of April Toska- MOON SILVER OVER IZOMER Capra turned 7 years of age.
She remains in a great condition and is blessed with good health.



On Saturday the 21st of March there were two of the Izomers showing off at the International Dog Show in Katowice. HIP HOP, who won the Intermediate Class getting another CWC



and HOOLA HOP, who got the second place with an excellent mark in a large group of youngsters. Mrs Małgorzata Wieremejczyk-Wierzchowska was the judge (PL).



On the weekend of 21st and 22nd of February my girls, Gala and Toska were checked for eye diseases, the check up was performed by dr Przemyslaw Bryla. They got appropriate certificates.
Detailed information on their webpages.



HIP HOP Izomer - Bydgoszcz 2009
The Izomers began the show season of 2009.
On February the 8th during the International Dog Show in Rzeszow, HOOLA HOP got the excellent mark and and the IVth place in the Youth Class. Zsolt Lokodi from Romania was the judge.
One week later, during the Valentine's Day Show in Bydgoszcz, HIP HOP won his class getting his first CWC. Miroslav Vaclawik from Czech Republic was the judge then.