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About us
Welcome, my name is Bozena Banasiewicz and I live in Cracov together with my Cockers

My adventure with dogs began in 1982 when my first dog, English Cocker Spaniel “GAFI Cicha Woda” was born. He was my long waited best friend who brought a lot of joy into my life.

He was also my first teacher. He thought me everything I needed to know about dogs, their ways of communication, training, care, feeding and about race. Together we made our first steps on the dog show rings in times when this race was one of the most popular in Poland. It was then that I begun my training and as a result of that I passed PT I, PT II and PT III exams. GAFI was with us for sixteen wonderful years.

Our next dog was GAFI’s daughter, PSTRA PSOTA Zwierzynieckie Włóczki. She came in 1991 when GAFI was 8 years old. She was the female copy of her father and they looked wonderful together. Her joyful, warm character ensured the love of our whole family. PSOTA was my first Cocker Spaniel to pass the exam for a utilitarian dog, and on the rings she succeeded in winning the Polish Champion title. She gave birth to two litters, thirteen beautiful puppies.

From the second litter, father of which was Lindridge DARK SHADOW, we have kept her daughter EUREKA Izomer or Eka.

Eka was very successful on the dog show rings, winning Champion titles in three countries, she didn’t win the Inter champion title only because lacked the time between the CACIBs. Because of inherited eye disease Eka never had progeny.

For the sake of continuity of the breeding I decided to take a bitch of a totally different bloodline from my friend Arleta Kmita. MOON SILVER OVER IZOMER Capra, called also Toska was as a saying goes “a bullseye”. She performed well both as a utilitarian dog, a dog show prowler and as a breeding bitch. Currently she I the only Cocker Spaniel in Poland which both hunts and wins prizes at the dogshows.

In October 2005 Toska gave birth to her first litter, six beautiful healthy puppies. From this litter I have kept a very promising bitch – GALAKTYKA Izomer, which I hope will ,after her mothers example, bring me a lot of joy and satisfaction.